Oftentimes, litigation can delay the resolution of your case and cause unnecessary degradation of the relationship and intangible costs. Even if your case is complex, and sometimes even more so in this case, you may benefit from avoiding litigation.

High asset and complex divorce cases can sometimes lend themselves especially well to a cooperative instead of litigated approach. One major reason is the element of privacy that is missing in litigation. A less adversarial approach could allow the couple to minimize public disclosure of their financial circumstances.

Additionally, such cases usually require multiple experts, which can really rack up bills and fees. A cooperative divorce can help save litigation costs from making these bills unmanageable – even for a high asset family.

One way in which parties could collaborate is to use a joint expert. In a typical high-asset case, each party will need business evaluators, real estate appraisers, forensic accountants, art and jewelry appraisers, etc. If both parties can agree to use joint experts, the costs will be cut in half, as will the costs of agreeing on final values once both party’s experts present their findings.

Cost, time and bias can be avoided through these joint experts and then the couple can work on dividing up those assets. Whether this is done through an alternative dispute method or litigation, a lot of the initial costs will be saved by using joint experts.

If you are facing a high asset divorce, you can avoid an adversarial and tense process by hiring a lawyer that will help you cooperate with your spouse while still protecting your rights. Even if you are unsure you will be able to agree, start from a place of cooperation and you will save time, money and stress. If your lawyer has ample experience with litigation, as our attorneys do, you will always be able to pursue that route should you not be able to work out every aspect of your case through a less adversarial approach.

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