Although recent consensus tends to emphasize that the gender of your lawyer is not as important as their competence and experience, there is still discussion over whether certain issues in family law are best handled by male or female attorneys. While there are compelling arguments for both sides, your decision should ultimately rest on who you feel most comfortable with.

Sometimes, however, an opposite sex perspective can be very useful in understanding your spouse and what their arguments will be. That being said, you may feel more comfortable opening up to and being fully honest with someone of the same gender.

If you are a male, you may “bond” better with another male attorney. Additionally, male attorneys are sometimes perceived as being more confident and aggressive than female attorneys, leading many people to choose them in heated cases with complex disputes.

On the other hand, male attorneys may also be preferred in cases that involve direct, emotionally void issues that call for swift, clean resolution. Financial issues are an example of this, as men are usually seen as the more fiscally responsible gender.

However, even though women are seen as more compassionate, the hot topic of “men’s issues” is leading more and more men to choose male lawyers to represent them in child custody and support disputes. This is due to the perception that female lawyers can sometimes be inclined to think of the mother as the primary caregiver, while a male attorney will be better able to understand a male point of view.

Females may also opt for male attorneys out of their own reasons. Sometimes, female clients feel that a male attorney will “stand up” to their husband better. Other times, females feel that they get along better with a male than another female.

No matter the issues that arise in your divorce or your perception of male/female attorney merits, it is important to remember that gender should usually not be your primary consideration. Instead, focus on the attorney’s education, experience and track record. The best thing to do is to do your research and find someone that makes you feel comfortable and protected, regardless of their gender.

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