Many clients wonder whether the gender of their lawyer will play a role in the outcome of their divorce. While most people agree that the most important factors you should consider when choosing a lawyer have nothing to do with their gender, the discussion nevertheless raises some points of merit.

Female clients often times say that they feel more comfortable communicating with and opening up to an attorney of the same sex. Additionally, they maintain that women lawyers understand family law issues better since they themselves are mothers and wives. This point is often referenced in the gender discussion: women know relationships better than men and are more inclined to fight for them, in their personal lives and thus in the courtroom.

Furthermore, women can have a more emotional appeal in the courtroom and a more empathetic approach overall. Thus, a male and female client may prefer them for distinct reasons. While a female would feel more comfortable and understood, a male client may benefit from a female perspective on the issues at hand as well as female representation in the courtroom – some male clients feel that hiring a female lawyer “looks better” in court and gives them a softer polished edge.

And while male lawyers are sometimes seen as being more confident or aggressive, many maintain that female attorneys should actually hold that title since they are perceived as the party that wants to “be right” most of the time. Females are also sometimes seen as the more passionate and engaged party.

Despite all of these considerations, what your decision should ultimately boil down to is who you are most comfortable with and who has the credentials and training to most effectively represent the issues you face. Assuming similar levels of education and training, choose a lawyer that is a good fit for yourself and your case, whether they are male or female.

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