Is a Georgia Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

If you and your spouse are in complete agreement about the separation and the issues affected by the divorce, then an uncontested case will be quicker, simpler, more amicable and less expensive. However, do not let yourself be pushed into an uncontested divorce just for these reasons; it is important to protect your rights throughout the divorce process. Here is what you should be thinking about when deciding which type of divorce is right for you:

– Do I know about all of our marital assets/property/debts and can we agree on the division?

– Can we agree on custody, visitation and support?

– Are there any issues I am not willing to settle on?

– Is there any type of violence in the family that would require court action?

An uncontested divorce makes sense if the couple is looking to spend less money and time on the proceedings and wants to end the divorce on amicable terms. Unfortunately, sometimes this is impossible, and ultimately, it is most important to protect your rights, even if it means going to court.